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True beauty radiates from her inner sparkle.

I help women to reconnect with their inner sparkle to live the beautiful life, authentically, holistically, joyfully and sustainably.

Breathe. FEEL. Go deep. Fall in love with YOU. Unleash your inner sparkle TODAY.

Love, Linda xx

Coach. Confidante. Cheerleader.

meet Linda Ruiter-Dawson, Heart Coach

Hi! I’m Linda, the ‘heart coach’ that is Inner Sparkle Holistic Beauty! As a qualified life and wellness coach and a certified HeartMath® coach and mentor, I specialise in helping people just like YOU to lovingly nurture and re-establish a healthy heart-mind connection and foster a deeply meaningful, resilient, authentic and joyful way of living. 

In a former career, I’ve worked in organisational change and learning, leadership development and change management roles. Through some interesting life experience, I’ve been fortunate to gain first-hand knowing of some negative impacts associated with heart-mind imbalance. And I say ‘fortunate’, as despite my level of heart-mind disconnection (read: numb, disembodied, disconnected and disempowered), the signs  called for me to initiate some significant life improvements. Now, I can truly say that I have learned how to consciously cultivate and embody appreciation, love and JOY!

My lifelong learning continues in areas including heart-brain coherence, heart and emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, personal presence, empowerment, Jungian theory and people development and, deeply committed to living in and from my heart, my personal mission is to encourage you toward YOUR highest potential. No healing journey is simple, easy or linear, though rest assured there exists a plethora of practical techniques and solutions for consciously cultivating love, gratitude and joy into your daily experience. However, as is with any sustained behaviour change, this journey calls for commitment, courage, consistency, accountability and SUPPORT.

Am I your woman?! Feel free to check out my credentials here. I currently offer coaching from my room in Bayswater, Perth, and regularly travel throughout rural and regional WA.

Are you ready to SPARKLE from the HEART? x